Our  museum pieces were mainly kept in boxes and out of sight as we had no real display area. This collection was started in the sixties by Ingeborg and Rudy  Duke,  then  added too by myself Peter Taubers and Margot Duke, after we built a suitable underground display area. This consists of locked glass cabinets, easy access ramps with display photos, seating if you need a rest and a screen running a locally made video to keep you informed on what’s in the area.

          Our collection consists of a large display of wonderful Andamooka Opal , opal specimens and opalised fossils. There is also a display of opal from around Australia , New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia and many other places from around the world. This includes Slovakia, Mexico, USA, Canada, Brazil, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Spain, Faroe Islands and others. We have minerals, crystals, fossils, tektites, meteorites from Australia and around the world.

We think the star of our display is Karkaroo the opalised juvenile plesiosaur, who came to reside with us in 2018.


Inge Duke viewing the new displays.

Opalised shell.

Display cabinets.

George Town meteorite.

Opalised vertebra.

100 year old opal cutting machine.