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Andamooka Opal Andamooka Opal
Andamooka Opal Andamooka Opal
Andamooka Opal Accommodation Opal Showroom Andamooka Opal
Andamooka Opal Andamooka - The Friendly Heart of the Opal Country Andamooka Opal
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Andamooka Opal


Peter Taubers and Margot Duke both welcome and thank you for visiting our website. Margot has been in the accommodation industry at Andamooka for 40 years, May 17 1967, and Peter has been a miner, cutter, jeweller for over 25 years. Mrs Inge Duke, founder of Andamooka Dukes Bottlehouse Motel, and originally from Germany, has also dealt in the opal trade for over 35 years.

We trust that you will make your way around our website with ease and find what you are looking for. We have primarily built up our business by word of mouth. We firmly believe that great customer service, value for money and good old-fashioned hospitality are the prime necessities for customer satisfaction.

If you have stayed with us before we would love to hear from you again, if not, we look forward to meeting you one day!

Please do not hesitate to call or contact us for any queries you may have.

Peter Taubers and Margot Duk