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Andamooka Opal Andamooka Opal
Andamooka Opal Andamooka Opal
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Andamooka Opal


Andamooka News

Some very nice opal that has just recently been cut.




Margot and myself have just commissioned the making of a DVD about Andamooka OPAL and the surrounding area.

One box of these DVD's has gone missing in transit, which is quite a substantual number. This DVD is for sale through our shop ANDAMOOKA OPAL SHOWROOM or on this website ONLY, no-one is autorised to sell these DVD's on our behalf. If anyone is offered this DVD it would be nice to know who is selling them so we can retrieve them.

Peter Taubers - Mr October - Bare Outback 02-03 Calendar
Missing DVD's
Andamooka OPAL & Surrounds.

APOMA held a couple of meetings and a committee was finally elected, with the last meeting very well attended.

The pipeline has finally been commissioned with water available at the dispenser by the camping ground. Water is still delivered by truck, it just saves the water contractors a 70 Km trip to Roxby Downs. The less amount of transport has brought a small amount of savings to the consumer.

The APOMA office will shortly be operating out of its new head quarters in the townhall.

Peter Allen was elected as the new Chairperson with the new committee being:

Vice Chair: Stefan Bilka
Secretary: Jean Lawrie
Ass Sec:  
Treasurer: Ann Budau
Ass Treas:  

Robert Hancock


Dave Spargo

Peter Hansen

Mark Vivien

Meeting times continue to be monthly and when neccessary.


The new Floor

The hole being filled in.

The hole capped.

Our new building was jumping ahead, but over the christmas things slowed down and haven't sped up again. It is now down to second fix and things seem to go ever so slowly, flooring, painting, electrical, paving and lots more.