• The Greatest Road Trail in Australia, this book is about travelling in Australia from Adelaide to Darwin, via the Augusta Highway, Horrocks Highway, Stuart Highway and the Oodnadatta Track.
  • This is a general video of Andamooka and surrounding area. It includes different types of opal mining, opal cutting, jewellery manufacturing, Lake Torrens and Stuart Creek.
  • andamooka desert aurora
    Seeing is believing. These two stones (they were one once) are the best that have come out of ANDAMOOKA for many years, possibly the best there is nothing to compare. They are super fine crystal opal and have colours that have not been invented yet. Put them in any light and they shine, take the light away and they still glow. They were found on the famous Third Hill Whitedam Andamooka. They come as a set and weigh an impressive 36.85 Cts.